Christmas is fast approaching. Stores and malls are packed with people who are buying last minute Christmas presents. Online stores are also very busy since there are tons of orders that should be processed and delivered before Christmas day. If you forgot to buy someone a present and you think going to malls filled with people would be a hassle, then you need more gift ideas.

Money listed down great gift ideas you can get despite the last minute urgency. Most of them does not require going to physical stores. Despite the late acquisition of these gifts, the receiver of the present will surely appreciate these gifts. Here are the top five best last minute Christmas gift shopping tips and ideas.

1. E-gift- Avoid waiting in long lines by sending a virtual gift to your loved ones. The e-gift is usually sent through e-mail. It functions just like the usual gift card but is sent online. The receiver of the gift will just show the email of the e-gift to buy the things they want at the selected store.

2. Experience- If you think giving out material things are so common, then you could give experience as a gift. Make your gift more memorable by giving out gifts that require their participation, you can even join in. Some examples of these experiences are travel getaways, concerts and pampering sessions.

3. Buy Online and Store Pick-up- Since online stores will also be busy during the season, delays in the delivery of products is inevitable. If you are concerned about this, then you can always choose to pick up on a store branch. Order online and have it delivered to the branches near you.

4. Early Morning Shopping- In order to avoid long lines and competition over a product, going shopping early in the morning is one of the best time to shop since there won't be as much people in the early hours of the malls operation.

5. Physical gift card- If you totally run out of gift options, then gift cards are great gift alternatives. Just go to retail stores' counters and buy gift cards for the amount you're willing to pay.