November 30, 2023 5:08 AM


War Photography Museum To Open In Croatia Thanks To Crowdfunding Campaign

Image of War museum will open in Croatia this summer after collecting more than $8,000 for its first exhibition. The first crowdfunded museum in the country aims to show the effects of war to the society.


Travel Tips: How To Turn Snaps From Your Smartphone Into Terrific Travel Photography

Want to turn your travel photography skills up by a notch? Check out these incredibly easy tips to get beautiful photos from your travels - even if you're only using your smartphone.


Tips on Taking Great Travel Photos

The best photos are the ones you take when you're on a vacation or a trip. This is probably the best way to document and preserve the experience you got from visiting a certain place, most likely one that is far from home.Basically, anyone can become a photographer provided the equipment and subject are available. So how does one take better travel photos? Here are some of the few tips:


The Best Photo Spots in Photogenic Savannah

Savannah, GA, is known to be one of the prettiest cities in the South. The coast is lined with marshes, the oak tree limbs trail to the ground, moss drapes off the trees, the abundance of green space downtown is unique. The list of what makes Savannah beautiful keeps going. The beauty invites us to take pictures of everything. Here are a few photo must for the professional photographer or just the amateur.


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