Savannah, GA, is known to be one of the prettiest cities in the South.  The coast is lined with marshes, the oak tree limbs trail to the ground, moss drapes off the trees, the abundance of green space downtown is unique.  The list of what makes Savannah beautiful keeps going.  The beauty invites us to take pictures of everything.  Here are a few photo must for the professional photographer or just the amateur. 

1. Wormsloe. 

The entrance to Wormsloe planation is probably one of the most well known pictures from Savannah.  What makes it unique is the one-mile alley of Oak Trees behind the arched entrance.  The limbs and the dust brought up by cars create an eerie feeling of moving into the past.  

2.The Majestic Oak

Preserved forever in a small subdivision of Savannah, is one of the oldest Oak Tress in Savannah, The Majestic Oak. Scattered throughout Savannah there are seven Oak Trees that are preserved because of their age.  Any one of these trees will provide a stunning picture of classic Savannah-Oak Trees and moss.  Walk under the tree and capture the trailing limbs. 

3. Forsyth Park

This is the largest of the squares in Savannah.  As the name suggests it is really a park with lots of open space to play and to relax.  In the center is another famous image of Savannah- the Forsyth Fountain.  The white fountain is surrounded with a black wrought iron fence and green shrubs.  Not to mention Savannah's Oak Trees frame the picture!

4. River Street

River Street with its cobblestone roads, grey brick buildings, and Savannah River offers a unique picture.  The cobblestones are original to Savannah, unloaded off of the ships that came into port.  The Savannah grey brick buildings compliment the cobblestones perfectly.

5. Bonaventure Cemetery

At first this may not seem like the ideal picture taking spot, but once you visit you will know why it is.  The cemetery is next to the marsh and offers amazing views of the coastal lands.  There is also many Oak Trees that add an eerie feeling to the cemetery by casting shadows.  For the avid photographer, this cemetery provides some interesting lighting to play with.  And of course, there is also the famous Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil statue.