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War Photography Museum To Open In Croatia Thanks To Crowdfunding Campaign

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 11, 2018 09:00 AM EDT

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Image of War museum will open in Croatia this summer after collecting more than $8,000 for its first exhibition. The first crowdfunded museum in the country aims to show the effects of war to the society.
(Photo: Romeo Ibrišević | Images of War)

A new independently run museum that will display photos from the conflict in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 will open in Zagreb.

The new museum, which is set to open this July, is dedicated to War Photography and will show the impact of armed conflict though the lens of ordinary people and professional photographers who were involved in the Croatian War of Independence.

The must-visit museum will feature photographs from renowned photographers and amateurs in the country who shared pictures through the campaign's Instagram and Facebook page.

What's In The Museum

The 160-square meter museum will not only display photographs, but also actively engage its visitors through debates and workshops.

The Image of War museum was launched through an online crowdfunding campaign named "War belongs in a museum." This is the first crowdfunded museum in Croatia.

Giving Back To The Victims Of War

Founder of the museum, Danilo Gregović, said that the museum is backed by his fellow citizens whose names will be inscribed on the museum wall. He added that the institution is very pleased that the people have taken notice of its humanitarian efforts since part of the ticket earnings will be donated to the victims of war. 

Image of War museum encourages people to join and contribute to the museum by giving museum materials, and buying tickets in advance.

The museum announced that in just 15 days, it raised $8,000 which is meant to finance its first exhibition. Aside from promoting peace, the museum's first exhibit will shed light on the catastrophe that war brings to people and the entire society.

Furthermore, Gregović added that the place is where state-of-the-art photography mixes with education. The first exhibit was curated by Sandra Vitaljić.

According to the museum's website, public discourse about the armed conflict which happened 23 years ago has become more indifferent and heartless, despite still feeling its social and economic effects even up to now. The museum intends to respond to the callous tendencies of people through documentaries, informative events, and photography.

The museum will include works of amateur photographers and war photographers such as Christopher Morris, Peter Turnley, Dragoljub Zamurović, Romeo Ibrišević, Ron Haviv, and Matko Biljak.

"Preserve the past, influence the present, change the future," is the main slogan followed by the museum.

Image of War museum was realized in cooperation with Dubrovnik's War Photography Museum and other similar museum in Croatia and around the globe. Creative direction is done through the help of Brodoto social impact agency.

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