May 29, 2024 12:05 PM


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Brilliant Hacks for Cheaper Travel

Travel can be very expensive, but if there’s a way to avoid draining our wallets, then there’s a will to know the different hacks and tricks in saving money during our vacation.


This Website Lets You Buy Other People’s Canceled Trips

Considered as a travel marketplace, Transfer Travel has helped tons of vacationers who had to cancel their holiday. Here, those who have to bail out of a trip can sell their tickets to get their money back.


Yup, Starbucks Knows About The Matcha Tea Hack And Is Not Happy About It

Baristas all over Starbucks are shutting down people who tries to scam them by ordering the $0.80 matcha hack that got viral on Instagram. The famous coffee chain now calls the drink a custom iced tea and charges people accordingly.


Life-Saving Facts To Keep In Mind

Keep these life-saving facts in mind to spot red signs, ward off catastrophes and to take quick actions during emergencies.


Have A Hassle-Free Holiday With These Helpful Hotel Safety Hints

Hotels are supposed to be our home away from home whenever we are away on vacation. Even though we are supposed to not really worry at all during our vacation, (who wants to?) just like in our normal homes, we must also be on alert for things we don’t usually anticipate. Here are some hints for a hassle free holiday when staying in a hotel.


Smartphone Hacks Great To Use When Traveling Abroad

There are a lot of ways to use a smart phone without the users having to go through a hard time in using it. In previous years, there have been many apps existing that make travelling easier even when you're on the exploration of another country abroad.


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