Do you love to travel a lot? I love travelling. Do you have enough money to spend on your vacation? No, I don't have. Sad, isn't it? Travel can be costly, but if there's a way to avoid draining our wallets, then there's a will to know the different hacks and tricks in saving money during our vacation. So if you really want to have a cheap journey, you need to know how to negotiate prices, be flexible and aware of some little known websites and hacks to save more cash.

Here are some tips that you can use as a guide to having the cheapest travel that you can ever imagine: 

Get Free Flights With Travel Credit Cards

Some credit cards offer to sign up bonuses of 50,000 for both airline cards and a general rewards card like Chase Sapphire and Amex Card. Just make sure that you travel enough so you can take full advantage of your credit card.

Carry a reusable water bottle

If you want to save money, even in small amounts, bringing a reusable water bottle can help you saving instead of buying a water bottle in stores when traveling. And it is really convenient for you since you'll just have to refill it if your water bottle gets empty. You can also help the environment for reducing the usage of plastics.

Negotiate Prices

As Oneika Raymond once said, "No price is ever final" so as a traveler don't be afraid to ask for a discount on certain things because it might be applied to you. And asking for a discount is not really as bad as you think. You're just being flexible and being practical as a traveler.

Get City Tourist Cards

If you as a traveler plan on seeing a lot of spots and sights in a city then you must get a tourist card for you to avail discounts and free access to all the museums and attractions in a city. This is one of the fantastic ways of how to save money that not all people often use.

Take advantage of free-stopovers

Availing the cheapest flight is one of the most worst-with long layovers for those people who have this mindset and have no life at all. But, some people take this as an opportunity to take a tour of the city and also some travelers did it purposely to save money yet tick it off to the list.

Buy Travel Insurance ASAP

We really can't avoid flights being canceled, or some unforeseen circumstances. If you get sick, a relative dies or your trip gets interrupted due to a bad storm, it might not save your money, but it will save you in an emergency. We suggest travelers understand and get travel insurance for emergency purposes.

Not because we are looking for cheap prices doesn't mean we are broke, but, because I take it as a practical practice on how to save money as much as possible. And, not because we have the capability to spend more money we use it carelessly. Think wisely when traveling before we regret it.