Hotels are supposed to be our home away from home whenever we are away on vacation. While we are busy exploring an incredible destination and immersing ourselves with the different sights and sounds that can be found there, we entrust some of our very important belongings within the safe confines of the hotel. At the end of the day, we of course go back to our hotel rooms to freshen up and rest as well.

Even though we are supposed to not really worry at all during our vacation, (who wants to, I mean?) just like in our normal homes, we must also be on alert for things we don't usually anticipate. Whatever they might be - an unexpected burglary, a fire or even a sudden shift in weather, we must be prepared at all times in order to ensure that our dream vacation doesn't turn into a total nightmare.

Here are some hints for a hassle free holiday when staying in a hotel:

Before Staying

Doing your research on the hotel you're going to stay in is definitely something I'd recommend. Make sure to look into various aspects of the hotel - while facilities and rates are important, also take note of its location, vicinity and other crucial security information is certainly something you as a traveler should know.

Questions like "Is there an ongoing terrorism threat there?", "What type of neighborhood is it located in?"and "Is there a presence of police and other security personnel available 24/7?" are a good way to gauge the safety of the hotel you're going to stay in.

When packing, make sure that the things you are going to bring are appropriate for the location you're heading. But in some cases, bringing some extra things can come in handy.

For example, having a spare door stopper can be helpful in situations where the deadbolt doesn't work properly. Also, bringing extra copies of your passports and other IDs can hurt either since some unforeseen circumstances might have the need for such.

Opt for a room on the higher floors of the hotel instead of the ones found at the ground floor.

According to Independent Traveler, "Many safety experts recommend staying somewhere between the third and sixth floors -- where rooms are high enough to be difficult to break into, but not so high that they're out of the reach of most fire engine ladders."

Upon Checking In

Keep your room information highly confidential. Never ever let the front desk attendant broadcast out those details to anyone within earshot. Once this occurs, request for a different room entirely.

Also, do not forget to ask the front desk attendant for the emergency numbers of the hotel.

Immediately do some safety checks on the room you are given. Marybeth Bond of The Gutsy Traveler says, "When you arrive at your room, prop the door open with your luggage , turn on the lights, inspect the door lock, locks on sliding glass doors and windows, door latch and/or chain, room safe, lock on interconnecting doors and ensure the telephone works."

Aside from the initial checks, locate the emergency exits and or the fire escape right away.

While Staying

Always keep your door tightly closed - that is, including all sorts of deadbolts and locking mechanisms installed on the door. Never open your hotel door unless you are expecting a visitor or have been notified beforehand. The door's peephole can also be used to determine whether you should open the door or not.

Be mindful of your key card and keep those highly valuable items on the hotel provided safety box. Or better yet, ask the front desk attendants to keep an eye on those things while you are out. Suitcases with locks are also an option if you prefer keeping your things with you.

When you are leaving the hotel for the day, it is highly suggested to place the 'Do Not Disturb' sign and switch on the TV or the radio. It gives off the impression that the room is occupied and it can be useful for keeping unwanted strangers and potential thieves at bay.

Immediately contact the hotel staff once something is amiss. They are there to assist all your needs and are willing to help in any way that they can.

As a traveller, enjoyment is of course very important. However, we must not forget to be very watchful of our surroundings and most especially, be careful whenever we are travelling. Keeping these things in mind will surely make your stay fuss-free and most especially safe and sound.

from beTravelwise: Fantastic Hotel Security Tips for Business Travellers.