September 28, 2023 2:23 PM


New Concept Jet By Boeing Could Take You From New York To London In Just 2 Hours

People who travel by air are in for a treat, but not anytime soon. Boeing is currently working out its plan to build a hypersonic passenger aircraft that would take passengers across the Atlantic in just two hours.


Take A Look At Boeing's First 737 MAX 9 Plane

It's set out for public release in 2018.


$69 Flights To Europe To Be On Sale This June

Norwegian Air Announced It is Going To Offer $69 Fares Between US and Europe This June.


Qatar Airways Launches World's Longest Commerical Flight From Doha To Auckland

The longest commercial flight was recently launched by Qatar Airways, from Doha to Auckland.


Fantastic New Jets to Soar the Skies of 2017

The year 2017 is a big leap for all people of the world, it is a big leap for the aviation industry as well. Big airline companies are expected to fly many of the newest editions of their popular aviation machines. What kinds of gigantic jets are we expecting to soar the skies of 2017?


No More Airsickness, Jetlag, Dirty Bathrooms With New Aircraft Technology

Flying makes many people sick and in many different ways. From the fear of turbulence, dizziness, jetlag, and stiff neck, many air-related maladies are now being solved by new aircraft innovations.


Kate McWilliams: Feeling High About Being The Youngest Air Captain

At just 26 years old, Kate McWilliams is officially the youngest air pilot captain, working for budget airline Easyjet, and gaining this distinction just this year.


Germany Launches World's First Fuel Cell Plane

Last September 29, Thursday, German aircraft engineers successfully carried out a 10-minute test flight at the Stuttgart Airport, Southwestern Germany. The flight, involving two real human pilots and two dummy passengers lasted up in the air for about 10 minutes.


Airbus Gets Certification for the A320neo

The European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States have jointly approved the A320neo model of Airbus. The A320neo is an upgrade from the airbus family. It is reported to be more fuel-efficient. Qatar Airways is set to be the first one to receive the deliveries of the planes.


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