The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made it known to the public that the ninth cargo of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), resupply mission to the International Space Station is slated to launch no earlier than 1:32 AM (ET time) on Saturday, July 16.

Denver Post reported that this preparation will go through the plan that a spacecraft will be on Mars as soon as 2018. 

According to The Verge, a representative for SpaceX has confirmed that the company will touch down the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral. Since the initial trial mission last December, the upcoming attempt will be the first time that SpaceX has attempted a landing on solid ground.

The Aerospace company will use its Falcon 9 rocket to launch the uncrewed version of its Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). The Dragon spacecraft will be loaded with crew supplies and hardware, which includes two docking adapters.

The flights will be attached outside the International Space Station (ISS) to help prepare for commercial flights from SpaceX and the aircraft manufacturing company - Boeing.

However, for media prelaunch and launch activities, it will be held at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) and at Kennedy. International media that will take coverage for the flight must  apply for access at CCAFS on Tuesday, June 14 at 5 p.m. The deadline to apply for media access to Kennedy will be until 5 p.m. July 4 for non-citizens, and for U.S. citizens, it will be at 5 p.m. July 8.

As stated by NASA.GOV, "All media representatives must present two forms of unexpired legal, government identification to access Kennedy. One form must include a photo, such as a passport or driver's license. Questions about accreditation should be directed to Jennifer Horner at or 321-867-6598. For additional information, contact the Kennedy newsroom at 321-867-2468."

For the coverage of the launch countdown, NASA's launch blog, and more information regarding the mission, just visit: