United Airlines has announced plans to hire nearly 10,000 new employees this year as air travel demand continues to grow in the United States. Kate Gebo, the executive vice president of human resources at United, revealed this during a briefing on Tuesday. 

Despite a strong job market, this year's hiring pace is slower than the previous two years. This slowdown is partly due to delays in receiving new planes from Boeing, which has affected the airline's capacity to expand as quickly as planned.

United Airlines to Hire Thousands Amid Travel Surge, Boeing Setbacks

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United Airlines Expands, Overcomes Boeing Hurdles

Last year, United Airlines brought on 16,000 workers, but they could have added 3,000 to 5,000 more this year if not for the Boeing delays. 

The aircraft manufacturer has faced issues after a safety incident in January when a door plug blew out of a Boeing 737 Max 9 during a flight operated by Alaska Airlines. This incident has led to slower production and deliveries of new planes.

Despite these challenges, United Airlines remains optimistic about its growth. As per ABC News, the company has received 260,000 job applications this year alone. 

This includes over 40,000 applications for just 300 internship positions, indicating a high level of interest in working with the airline.

The hiring will be concentrated in several of United's major hubs. They expect to hire 2,300 people in Chicago, 1,500 in Newark, New Jersey, about 1,300 in San Francisco, and 900 in Houston. 

These new jobs are not only due to company growth but also to replace workers who leave the company, which Gebo estimates happens at a rate of 5% to 7% annually.

Travel has been picking up speed this year, with U.S. airport checkpoints recording a 6% increase in travelers compared to last year. The Friday before Memorial Day saw a record-breaking number of travelers, and similar high numbers are expected throughout the summer. 

This surge in travel is a key reason why United Airlines is pushing to expand its team.

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United Airlines Responds to Passenger Illness

On a recent United Airlines flight from Vancouver to Houston, around 25 passengers reported feeling nauseous. The incident occurred on Friday, involving a group of 75 people. 

Upon arrival at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Houston Fire Department evaluated three individuals, although none required hospitalization.

United Airlines revealed that the sick passengers were part of the same cruise prior to boarding United Flight 1528, according to USA Today.

The specific cruise line or ship has not been disclosed. In response, United Airlines stated that it is working closely with health authorities to manage the situation. 

The aircraft will undergo a thorough cleaning as a precaution before it returns to service. The airline emphasizes that the health and safety of passengers and crew is a priority.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also got involved. Their team, along with emergency medical services, assessed the passengers. The CDC reported that most symptoms were mild and gastrointestinal, with no further public health action required. 

The passengers continued with their travel plans after the assessments.

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