May 24, 2024 1:21 PM

airport delays

US Airports To Conduct More Meticulous Body Searches

U.S. airport security workers have discovered that many people still have gotten passed through the security point while carrying dangerous weapons with them. To help curb the issue, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) has changed the policy of body searches for a more rigorous screening process.


Do You Even Lift In The Airport? Now You Can With Airport Gyms

Bro, do you even lift? Gyms in airports are seen to rise over the trend and would be available in all major ports in the USA.


Man Writing In Arabic Sparks Security Alert On Easyjet

A passenger on an EasyJet flight sparked a security alert because a man was writing in Arabic next to them.


How to Keep Yourself Sane from Airport Delays

To say that airport delays are a pain is an understatement. For so many reasons, travelers miss a lot of important occasions because of it. While everything may have already taken a turn for the worse, Travelers Today has a few survival tips to keep travelers sane throughout an airport delay.


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