A passenger on an EasyJet flight sparked a security alert because a man was writing in Arabic next to them.

The flight, from Amsterdam to Newcastle, was delayed for two hours following the alert, which was triggered when a passenger, a pupil from Northumberland, started having a panic attack in the seat next to the passenger.

The pupil kicked the seats in front before running to the back of the plane. 

The other 15 pupils from the group were then also escorted off the plane.

The pupil had spotted the man writing the Arabic words in a notebook, which triggered the panic attack just before take-off, which ended up with the plane returning to the terminal for two hours. 

Passengers were kept on board the aircraft while temperatures soared to more than 30 degrees. 

The man turned out to be an Iranian master's student at Teesside University, who was visiting his girlfriend in Amsterdam, as she was unable to get a transfer to his university.  He apparently makes the trips regularly and always carries his notebook, which he uses to improve his English, while writing their counterparts in Arabic. 

The pupils were then put on another flight to Stansted after being unloaded with their luggage.