To say that airport delays are a pain is an understatement. For so many reasons, travelers miss a lot of important occasions because of it. While everything may have already taken a turn for the worse, Travelers Today has a few survival tips to keep travelers sane throughout an airport delay.

1. Double check travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance is an essential thing you should have, especially when traveling abroad. When there are airport delays, travelers need to find out what exactly does their travel insurance cover. When delayed passengers decide to stay in a hotel and find out that their accommodations are not covered for, then things can get ugly.

2. Get a lounge pass or a membership card.

A lounge pass can give a frustrated passenger a ticket to a tad bit of relaxation and relief. It's best to purchase a lounge pass or if one frequently flies in the same airport, then investing on a membership card for a certain fee goes a long way.

3. Try not to book during peak travel times.

According to Essential Travel, the best days to travel are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The worst departure times are from 7AM-8AM and 4PM-8PM. So it's best to schedule one that will be as far from airport delay threats as possible.

4. Check the weather.

Weather disturbances are one of the major reasons why there are a lot of airport delays. This is why it helps to check exactly what the weather will be like in the day travelers will be flying in or out. Do a comprehensive research and stay aware by checking the news constantly to know whether or not rebooking flights are in order.

5. Bring a snack.

Airport food is expensive. While it is necessary for airlines to provide food for delayed passengers, it doesn't always happen. So bring a snack and pass the time feeling a bit better.