April 18, 2024 8:13 PM

flight delays

Travel Problems

Travel Problems and their Solutions

We give you how to deal with some common travel problems.


Travel Report: US Airports Prone to Flight Delays and Cancellations This Hurricane Season

New InsureMyTrip report ranks major airports with the best and worst on-time performance records during hurricane season.


A Young Girl Who Sat On Her Father's Lap Gets Compensated With $395 After A Flight Delay

Ryanair compensates a man and his baby girl due to a flight delay. Now, the budget airline is upset since the girl shouldn't have gotten the same amount of compensation just like regular passengers do.


Winter Storm Leads Southwest Airlines to Cancel Flights At Midway; Passengers Left Stranded on the Tarmac for Hours

Southwest Airlines cancelled several flights due to the heavy winter storm. Over 130 flights have been cancelled at Midway International Airport including all flights through noon, CBS Local reported Friday.


How to Keep Yourself Sane from Airport Delays

To say that airport delays are a pain is an understatement. For so many reasons, travelers miss a lot of important occasions because of it. While everything may have already taken a turn for the worse, Travelers Today has a few survival tips to keep travelers sane throughout an airport delay.


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