May 19, 2024 5:25 AM

Patricia Sim

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    San Francisco's "Crookedest Street in the World" Needs Unwinding

    The street, lined with bright roses and hydrangeas on either side of it, offers great views of the city and an authentic experience of driving in San Francisco. In fact, residents say that because of all the tourists the street sees, it's starting to feel more like an overcrowded amusement park than an actual street. For the last four to five years, cars have been lining up and piling up down several blocks in the Russian Hill neighborhood just to drive down the 600ft. long street.

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    Five Epic Travel Photographers of Instagram You Will Want To Follow

    The Social media app Instagram is our modern world's "photo album", showcasing our best and most unforgettable moments through pictures and brief videos. Let's take a look at some of the best travel photographers on Instagram, providing us a glimpse of what we can do for our next vacation, or even how best to frame our next shot, even when we're not on vacation.

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    Do it on a Whym - Your Newest App Partner in Grabbing Budget Bookings

    When traveling, it is usually always best to book all important tourist destinations way in advance, to make sure that you do not run our of tickets, or to get the early bird price. However, new ticket-booking app is about to become all last minute planners' newest best friend.

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    Zayn vs. Niall - Zayn Malik Throws Shade on Niall Horan's Newest Single Release

    The spotlight was on Zayn, who did not so much as recognize his old bandmate's huge success. Instead of congratulating his former bandmate, Zayn opted to post a sexy selfie on Instagram, totally ignoring Niall's new single.

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    Kate McWilliams: Feeling High About Being The Youngest Air Captain

    At just 26 years old, Kate McWilliams is officially the youngest air pilot captain, working for budget airline Easyjet, and gaining this distinction just this year.

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    Germany Launches World's First Fuel Cell Plane

    Last September 29, Thursday, German aircraft engineers successfully carried out a 10-minute test flight at the Stuttgart Airport, Southwestern Germany. The flight, involving two real human pilots and two dummy passengers lasted up in the air for about 10 minutes.

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    Indonesia's Batik Scam: The Untold Truth

    Young traveller Siobhan Jones tells Traveller Australia about her batik horror story during her travel to Yogyakarta, one of Indonesia's busiest tourist destinations.

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    50 Shades of Divorce - Is Actor Jamie Dornan Divorcing His Wife for Co-star Dakota Johnson?

    Ever since their erotic literature turned film premiered, "Fifty Shades of Gray" stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have been the center of rumors circling around their "secret affair. With the current filming of the sequel "Fifty Shades Darker", the rumors have gotten even wilder with the sequel involving even more daring and lascivious sex scenes.

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    Six Of The Most Surprising Airplane Secrets Spilled!

    Despite all the efforts they've made, air travel can be uncomfortable sometimes and here are six insider secrets from actual cabin crew, as shared on a Quora question, "What do flight attendants know about flying that they don't tell passengers?".

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    Netflix's Most Expensive Series "The Crown" - Watch the Trailer Here

    The 10-episode first season of The Crown debuts on the streaming service November 4. The trailer preview of the series comes out today, and promises a thrilling new series, guaranteed to make audiences addicted and likely to go on streaming marathons.

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    A Dam Good Idea! - Dam-Release Rafting Gaining Popularity the UK

    Releasing water from a dam in just one day can cost up to £1,500 ($1,952), however, more and more people have been requesting dam-releases in order to go white water rafting. Quiet streams turn into raging rapids in a matter of minutes, with the volume of water reaching 900 million liters (almost 24 million gallons), 50 times the normal amount, increasing the speed of the water by up to 10 times its usual speed.

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    Top 5 Walled Towns of Europe

    With new roads and bridges being built, however, city walls which once protected towns and cities from neighboring enemies are not as well-preserved as other structures. However, these are the Top 5 towns in Europe who have preserved their city walls.

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    Obama and DiCaprio to Meet on Climate Change

    The event in question is a climate conversation and film screening called the South by South Lawn Event, an event described by the White House as a "festival of ideas, art, and action".

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    5 Things You Should Know before Traveling to Morocco

    Before you start packing your bags, booking your camel rides and exchanging your money to Moroccan dirhams, take note of these 5 important tips from travelers who have gone and seen this beautiful, yet mysterious country.

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    Uber's Newest Solution to Traffic: Self-flying Drone Taxis

    The multi-million dollar app predicts that in 10 years, their users can book a self-piloted drone to take them to their destination of choice, just as easily as they book the app's private cars today.

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