July 12, 2024 7:46 AM

Articles by Karen Fredrickson

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    Ryanair Flight Attendants Pose In Racy Outfits for Charity

    The flight attendants at Ryanair, a usually no-frills airline, have posed in racy outfits for their annual charity calendar, which is coming out this year at the same time that the carrier is attempting to makeover their image.

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    Lou Reed Dies

    Lou Reed, famous for his work with the Velvet Underground, passed away on Sunday, and a celebrity death hoax site refuted the news of his death.

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    United Airlines Assessed Record Fine

    On Friday, the government announced that a fine of $1.1 million will be against United Airlines as a result of more than a dozen tarmac delays that left passengers stuck on the ground for hours, in some cases without working lavatories.

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    Travel By Bus or Train Will Soon Be Easier to Book

    For travelers looking for the best price on airfare, there are many options, such as Orbitz or Expedia, and now, travelers looking to travel by bus or train will have the same option.

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    Theme Park Accident Injures Five at North Carolina State Fair

    Five people were hurt, with two of them suffering serious injuries when a theme park ride at the North Carolina State Fair jolted back to the starting point as riders were disembarking.

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    Sleepy Hollow Draws Halloween Tourists

    With the approach of Halloween and the popularity of the new television show "Sleepy Hollow," the small town along the Hudson River that became the star of one of Washington Irving's most famous short stories has become a popular hotspot for tourists looking for Halloween adventures.

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    Dallas Airport Has Major Security Change

    Travelers checking into Terminal E in Dallas have seen a change from the way the terminal used to be.

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    Chris Brown Arrested

    Troubled singer Chris Brown and a bodyguard were arrested on Sunday and charged with felony assault, according to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

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    Brazil to Monitor Prices During World Cup

    The Brazilian government has created a committee to monitor abusive price hikes from hotels and airlines during the World Cup next year.

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    An abandoned prison sounds creepy, but for visitors to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that is the least of it as the prison has been made into the nation's largest haunted house outside of an amusement park.

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    Fly to Space In a Balloon

    Some veteran space entrepreneurs have come up with a plan to send tourists up to an altitude of 19 miles, where they will have a view of space, at the cost of $75,000 a ticket.

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    Halloween Dog Parade

    People love to dress their dogs up in costume, so a Halloween party in Tompkins Square Park is a great way for New York's dog owners to show off their pets dressed up in costume.

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    Adam Sandler Dead?

    Adam Sandler has been reported dead again, in yet another fatal snowboarding accident.

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    Guinness World record for Most Jack-O-Lanterns

    A small town in New Hampshire has reclaimed the Guinness World record for the most Jack-O-Lanterns lit at once.

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    Michael J. Fox Dead?

    The Internet has been saying the actor Michael J. Fox is dead, but that information is false, and the actor is alive and just the latest celebrity to be the subject of an online death hoax.

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