All the fees for checked baggage has caused many travelers to try to cram everything they need into their carryon luggage, which can be a difficult undertaking, one which Conde Nast Traveler has attempted to help travelers solve. Fitting everything you need for a trip into one bag small enough to carry with you isn't easy.

Ziploc bags are a big recommendation and the first one Conde Nast Traveler recommends. The bags are "weightless, bulk-less, transparent, zip-top bags" that can hold "everything from toiletries to extension cords to camera batteries."

Bags of one kind or another are a big suggestion if you want to take advantage of fitting as much as possible into a smaller space. Plastic dry cleaner bags are a way to protect business clothing and formalwear without the bulk that garment bags take up in your luggage. They also work to prevent wrinkles.

The aforementioned bags can hold liquids, gels and creams and have the added benefit of keeping any potential messes contained. Larger bags can double up to squeeze clothes that you push air out of to half their size.

The next suggestion from Conde Nast Traveler is to "use a carry-on with few structured compartments or other doodads." An example is the Travelpro 22-inch Rollaboard.

Fewer structured compartments take up less room in the bag, as straps, hangers, organizers and sleeves often accompany those compartments. Without the extra organizational bulk, there is more space for your things, which lets the traveler fit in more items.

Any items you may need instant access to, such as something to keep warm while on the plane, can be placed in any outside compartments.

The third tip is to use neutral colors and limit the number of patterns packed. The benefit is that most of your clothes all match each other and will be appropriate for anywhere you may be traveling.