A flight operated by Air Europa was forced to make an emergency landing in Brazil after encountering strong turbulence, leaving 30 passengers injured. 

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, flying from Madrid to Montevideo, diverted to Natal in northeastern Brazil as it neared the Brazilian coast.

Strong Turbulence Forces Air Europa Plane to Land, 30 Injured

(Photo : Juan Pablo Mascanfroni on Unsplash)

Air Europa Responds Quickly to Crisis

The incident occurred over the Atlantic Ocean, and the plane managed to land normally at the airport where medical teams were waiting. 

According to BBC, the turbulence happened suddenly and was severe enough to cause injuries among the passengers. The injured received immediate attention from a fleet of ambulances that met the plane upon its arrival.

Local medical officials reported that they treated at least 30 passengers with various injuries. 

Ten of these passengers were taken to the hospital with more serious conditions, including cranial fractures and facial cuts. The airline confirmed that the passengers involved were of various nationalities and that all injured parties received the necessary medical care.

This emergency landing comes just weeks after another incident involving severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight over Myanmar, which resulted in multiple injuries and one fatality. 

Experts suggest that incidents of severe turbulence, such as the one that Air Europa experienced, could become more frequent due to the effects of climate change on weather patterns. 

The airline is coordinating with local authorities to ensure all affected passengers are supported and has initiated a review of the incident.

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Frightening Moments Above the Atlantic

Thirty passengers suffered injuries when an Air Europa flight from Madrid to Uruguay encountered severe turbulence, forcing an emergency landing in Brazil. The airline confirmed the incident, stating the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner had to be diverted to Natal airport in Brazil.

Passengers aboard described terrifying scenes where those not buckled up were thrown against the cabin ceiling as the aircraft suddenly dropped. 

CNN reported that one passenger, Maximiliano, recounted the chaos, explaining that the plane suddenly destabilized and plunged, causing people without seatbelts to be lifted from their seats and hurled against the ceiling, resulting in injuries.

Another passenger, Stevan, expressed his fear during the turbulence, noting the horrifying feeling and the collective fear of a fatal end, which, fortunately, did not occur. 

He indicated that around 30 passengers were injured, with injuries including broken bones and cuts to their arms, faces, and legs.

After the plane landed safely, Air Europa ensured that all injured passengers received immediate medical attention at Natal International Airport. 

The airline also arranged another flight to pick up the stranded passengers so they could continue their journey to Uruguay later that day.

This incident adds to a series of negative headlines for Boeing, the aircraft's manufacturer, although there is no indication that any mechanical failure of the plane caused the injuries. 

Boeing has faced scrutiny over safety issues, with multiple whistleblowers raising concerns about the manufacturing processes of its planes, including the 787 Dreamliner model involved in this incident.

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