AirAsia Philippines is working hard to keep travel costs low despite the ongoing challenges with high fuel surcharges. The airline has maintained a Level 6 Fuel Surcharge over the past three months, affecting ticket prices purchased between May 1 and May 30. 

Domestic flight surcharges range from PHP185 to PHP665, and international flights from PHP610.37 to PHP949.51. However, tickets bought in January and February remain unaffected by these changes.

AirAsia Philippines Offers 20% Off Flights, Ignoring Fuel Surcharge Woes
AirAsia Philippines maintains low travel costs amid fuel surcharge.
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AirAsia Philippines Boosts Services and Sustainability Amid Fuel Challenges

Despite the surcharges, AirAsia Philippines has seen strong performance in the early months of the year. The airline reported a 91% seat sales rate and a load factor increase of 104% in the first quarter, surpassing their targets with total sales of PHP 1.87 million, Travel and Tour World reported.

In response to these surcharges, AirAsia Philippines has launched a promotional campaign offering 20% off all seats on all flights if booked by April 28, encouraging travelers to book early and save money. 

Additionally, AirAsia Philippines is discussing operational improvements with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). One major change under consideration is moving AirAsia's international operations from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 at Manila's airport. 

This move aims to reduce taxiway usage and carbon emissions while also providing a quicker and more convenient transfer for passengers flying domestically from Terminal 2.

Last year, AirAsia Philippines successfully transitioned its domestic flights from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2. This has been part of ongoing efforts to enhance the overall customer experience and operational efficiency. 

The MIAA has supported these initiatives, emphasizing passenger welfare as a priority. AirAsia Philippines transported over 1.72 million passengers last year and aims to double this by boosting flight frequencies and maintaining affordability amidst rising operational costs.

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Hosts ASEAN Ambassadors in Boracay

AirAsia Philippines recently facilitated a three-day International Business Forum and Diplomatic Visit in Boracay, serving as the official airline for flying Ambassadors from ASEAN and other Asian nations. The event aimed to strengthen tourism and economic ties, while promoting Boracay as a top destination for both tourists and investors.

Ambassadors from Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, and Taiwan, along with their diplomatic staff, were flown to Caticlan aboard AirAsia flight Z2 217. 

According to Adobo Magazine, key discussion topics included potential collaborations, the role of digital marketing, and the importance of sustainable tourism. AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla, who participated as a panelist, expressed his enthusiasm about introducing Boracay's unique qualities to these international leaders.

Ricky highlighted AirAsia's role in supporting Boracay's tourism, noting the airline's extensive flight schedule which includes nine daily flights from Manila to Caticlan, among other routes. 

He also pointed out AirAsia's success in maintaining high occupancy on its flights to Boracay, which remains its most popular destination with robust ticket sales.

Throughout the pandemic, AirAsia actively promoted Boracay, attracting celebrity endorsements to boost local enterprises. Boracay continues to receive accolades, including recent nominations for prestigious international tourism awards.

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