EasyJet has recently updated its luggage guidelines, reminding travelers to check what items they can carry on board to avoid any legal issues. The airline has defined a list of restricted items that cannot be taken onto flights, emphasizing that not knowing these rules can lead to criminal charges.

EasyJet plane
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EasyJet Issues Guidelines for Travelers

Travelers are allowed to bring liquids, aerosols, and gels, but only in small containers not exceeding 100ml. These containers should fit into a single transparent, re-sealable bag measuring 20cm by 20cm. Each passenger is limited to a total of 1,000ml of these substances through security checkpoints, although additional purchases can be made in the departure lounge.

There are also strict rules about alcohol. According to Daily Express, any alcoholic drinks bought after security checks can be carried onto the aircraft provided they are unopened and contain less than 70% alcohol by volume. However, drinking any alcohol not purchased on the plane itself is strictly banned and could lead to prosecution.

For food items, passengers can bring their own snacks, but any liquid food items like soups or custards must also adhere to the 100ml limit. It's advisable to familiarize oneself with the food and drink import regulations of the destination country before traveling.

Regarding smoking, EasyJet strictly prohibits smoking or recharging e-cigarettes or vaping devices on board. Travelers are allowed to bring cigarettes and a maximum of two spare e-cigarette batteries in their cabin luggage, but lighters must be kept in a pocket and matches are not permitted at all.

EasyJet also has specific regulations for "smart luggage." These bags, which come with built-in lithium batteries for charging devices, must have their batteries removed if the bag is checked into the hold. If carried on, the battery must remain disconnected but can stay in the bag.

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EasyJet Launches New Base in Alicante, Spain

On April 3, easyJet started operations at its new seasonal base at Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández Airport in Spain. This marks the airline's fourth base in the country, joining others in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Malaga. The first flight from this base took off for Glasgow, piloted by Captain Daniel Ankerso.

The establishment of the Alicante base is part of easyJet's expansion in Spain. As revealed by Airways Magazine, the base will operate from March to October, enhancing the airline's service capacity during the busy tourist season. By situating three aircraft from the Airbus A family at Alicante, easyJet has created about 100 jobs for pilots and cabin crew locally.

This expansion allows easyJet to strengthen its network by adding new routes from Alicante to several major European cities, including Amsterdam, Geneva, Prague, and Nantes. Since its first flight from Alicante to London Stansted in 1998, easyJet has grown to become the second-largest airline at Alicante in terms of international traffic.

With the new base, easyJet plans to offer 10% more seats this summer compared to last year, reflecting its commitment to connecting Spain with the rest of Europe and the UK.

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