At Heathrow Airport, two airplanes touched each other, causing minor damage. This incident occurred on Sunday and involved a British Airways plane carrying 121 passengers and an empty Virgin Atlantic aircraft. There were no injuries or flight delays caused by this event.

Heathrow Airport
(Photo : Tomek Baginski on Unsplash)

Minor Collision at Heathrow Airport, No Injuries Reported

The collision happened while the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 was being moved from one place to another within the airport grounds. The wing of this plane accidentally hit the British Airways aircraft, which was preparing to fly to Accra, Ghana. The original departure time was scheduled for 12:40 BST but has been pushed to 18:00 because the passengers had to switch to another airplane.

As per BBC, Virgin Atlantic has taken the damaged plane out of service to check for further issues. They have started looking into the incident to understand exactly what went wrong. A company that handles ground operations for Virgin Atlantic was in charge of moving the plane when the accident occurred.

Heathrow Airport's management team and emergency services responded quickly to make sure everyone was safe and to keep the airport running smoothly. They confirmed that there were no injuries and they do not expect any future problems for passengers or flights because of this incident. 

The local police are also involved, helping to figure out the details of what happened.

This event at Heathrow Airport serves as a reminder of the importance of safety in ground operations and the effectiveness of the airport's response plans in managing unexpected situations.

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Heathrow Airport Braces for Four-Day Strike by Border Force Officials

Over 600 Border Force officials at Heathrow Airport are set to strike for four days from April 11 to 14, according to the PCS union. This strike could affect the immigration controls and passport checks at the UK's largest airport.

The union has reported that 90% of its voting members are in favor of the strike due to disagreements over new work schedules and changes in shift patterns that could potentially lead to job losses for 250 employees at Heathrow Airport by the end of next month, as reported by Sky News

Fran Heathcote, general secretary of PCS, criticized the lack of effective consultation on these changes, which she claimed were unfairly forced upon staff.

Heathcote also stated that the government's alterations to flexible working arrangements were unacceptable, especially given the critical nature of the Border Force's duties to national security. She urged the government to reconsider these changes to avoid the planned strike.

A spokesperson from the Home Office expressed disappointment over the union's decision to strike but assured that security at Heathrow Airport would not be compromised. 

They stated that comprehensive plans were in place to manage the expected disruptions during one of the busiest travel periods. The spokesperson also advised passengers to stay updated with travel information from their airlines due to the impending strike.

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