JetBlue Airways, a major airline, is changing how much it charges for checked bags. Now, if you fly on busy days, you will pay more to check your bags. This new plan is starting soon and will affect many travelers.

JetBlue Airways Rolls Out New Bag Fees for Busy Travel Times
A JetBlue Airways plane.
(Photo : Matt Boucher on Unsplash)

JetBlue Airways Adjusts Fees for Peak Travel Times

JetBlue Airways has updated its rules for checking bags. Travelers will now face higher fees on busy travel days. If you're flying with JetBlue and plan to check a bag, you might want to pack light or get ready to pay more. The airline says this will start right away and will last until April 2025.

On these busy days, which JetBlue calls "peak" times, you will pay $40 for your first checked bag if you book in advance. That's $5 more than before. Want to check a second bag? That will be $60, up by $10. But if you wait until the last minute to decide, it will cost even more: $50 for the first bag and $70 for the second, as revealed by Travel Pulse.

JetBlue has picked the busiest times for these higher fees. This includes most of the summer, the winter holidays, and a big part of the spring break season. All in all, these peak days make up about 40% of the year.

JetBlue is not the only airline to raise prices for checking bags. Other big airlines in the United States have done the same recently. This move by JetBlue Airways adds to the trend, making flying on busy days even more expensive.

For travelers, this means planning ahead and knowing when these peak times are can save money. JetBlue hopes this will help manage the flow of bags on the busiest travel days.

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JetBlue Plans to Cut Flights in 2024

JetBlue Airways has announced it will reduce the number of flights next year. This decision comes after JetBlue tried and failed to buy another airline, Spirit Airlines. 

In 2023, as reported by Simple Flying, JetBlue lost $310 million, but this was a slight improvement from the year before. JetBlue finished the last part of 2023 with a loss of $104 million, even though its boss said they ended the year well.

Joanna Geraghty is now the new boss of JetBlue, taking over in February 2024. She is the first woman to lead an airline in the U.S. Under her guidance, JetBlue aims to make money again. They plan to bring in an extra $300 million by focusing on their main customers and cutting costs.

In 2023, JetBlue made $9 billion but spent a little more than that, leading to a loss. They flew more people and had more flights, but tickets were cheaper. JetBlue also has more debt now but is working on managing its money better.

The airline will get fewer new planes and is getting rid of some old ones because of engine problems. This means there will be fewer seats available on JetBlue flights in 2024. They expect to barely break even by the end of the year.

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