LATAM Airlines is making flights more exciting by adding Disney+ to its inflight service, LATAM Play. This big step makes LATAM the first airline group in South America to offer Disney+ on their planes. The airline flies to 147 places in 25 countries with more than 300 airplanes.

LATAM Airlines First in South America to Offer Disney+ Onboard

(Photo : Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash)

LATAM Airlines Introduces Disney+ for Better Flight Fun

Paulo Miranda, who works for LATAM Airlines, said they want every flight to be an unforgettable journey for passengers. By bringing Disney+ on board, they are adding more fun and high-quality shows and movies for everyone to watch for free. This move is part of LATAM's goal to make flying a magical experience, as reported by Future Travel Experience.

LATAM Airlines is not stopping with Disney+. They already have HBO Max and Paramount+ for passengers to enjoy. Right now, people flying with LATAM can watch over 170 movies, 550 episodes of different TV series, listen to 1,000 songs, and enjoy content for kids and books. And there's more good news: LATAM plans to add over 50% more entertainment choices this year.

This change is big news for travelers. Watching favorite Disney+ movies and shows can make flying time pass quickly and more enjoyable. If you're a kid or an adult, there's something special about watching beloved characters and stories while soaring above the clouds. LATAM Airlines is excited to be the first in South America to bring this kind of magic to the sky.

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Soars After Bankruptcy, Teams Up With Delta

In 2020, LATAM Airlines faced tough times. The pandemic had hit air travel hard, and LATAM had to file for bankruptcy. Unlike airlines in the United States, which got government help, LATAM had to find its own way back. By November 2022, things started looking up for LATAM Airlines. 

Based in Las Condes, Chile, the airline got back on its feet with $10 billion in assets and a smarter way of doing business. Moreover, it got a green light from American officials to start a special partnership with Delta Airlines. This deal was a first, letting an American and a Latin American airline share profits.

A year into their partnership, Delta and LATAM Airlines had achieved a lot. According to Fast Company, they flew 15,000 flights and carried 3 million passengers. They also began six new routes. One of these was a direct flight from São Paulo to Los Angeles, the only one of its kind connecting Brazil to the West Coast of the U.S. Another new route was from Atlanta to Lima, increasing flights between these cities and bringing LATAM to Atlanta for the first time.

Between August and October, LATAM Airlines became the top choice for flights from Brazil to the U.S., with a 26% market share. It even outdid American Airlines and United.

In March 2023, LATAM kept innovating by being the first airline to use cameras and AI to watch over its operations on the ground in Brazil. This tech gives the crew real-time updates on everything from when planes take off to how the gates are used, all to make flying smoother and more efficient.

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