On a recent flight from Sydney to Auckland, a LATAM Airlines plane encountered a severe technical issue mid-air, resulting in sudden movement that injured dozens of passengers. The incident happened on March 11, and about 50 people received medical treatment upon landing in Auckland. One individual was seriously hurt, according to emergency services. LATAM Airlines confirmed the technical event during the flight but did not specify the cause.

LATAM Airlines Flight Shakes Up Passengers, Dozens Injured
A LATAM Airlines plane.
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from WHAS11 on YouTube)

LATAM Airlines Flight Experiences Sudden Turbulence

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, operated by LATAM Airlines, faced unexpected turbulence that caused passengers, some not wearing seatbelts, to be thrown around the cabin. CNN reported that the accident led to injuries and damage inside the aircraft, including blood on the ceiling and broken panels. Emergency responders, including 14 units and seven ambulances, rushed to Auckland International Airport to assist the affected passengers and crew.

Witnesses described a terrifying "mid-air drop" where people were sent flying through the cabin. The sudden stop of the plane resulted in chaos, with passengers experiencing fear and injuries. LATAM Airlines and Boeing are investigating the incident, with support from aviation authorities in Chile and New Zealand.

New Zealand's Transport Accident Investigation Commission is considering an inquiry into the incident to understand what happened and prevent future occurrences. LATAM Airlines, expressing regret over the event, reiterated its commitment to the safety of its flights. The incident has left some passengers frightened to fly again after witnessing the severe effects of the turbulence.

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Passengers Speak After Scary Mid-Air Drop

Verónica Martínez, a passenger from Chile, recounted the ordeal, describing it as being on a "roller coaster." She explained how the plane suddenly dropped, causing chaos inside. 

As stated in another report by CNN, Martínez was unharmed, thanks to her seat belt, but witnessed others, including a baby, being tossed around. She was among the passengers who spoke to the media at Santiago International Airport, expressing relief to be back on home ground.

Another passenger, Diego Valenzuela, described the incident as a few seconds of free fall that left many injured. The drop was due to a "technical event," as stated by LATAM Airlines, resulting in dozens of injuries. The flight eventually landed safely in Auckland, with emergency services treating about 50 people, one of whom was seriously hurt.

Safety experts are looking into why a LATAM Airlines Boeing plane suddenly lost height while flying to New Zealand, causing injuries to many scared passengers. The airline is working with officials to figure out what went wrong on flight LA800.

Safety teams from New Zealand, helped by Chilean authorities, are leading the investigation to find out the cause. Experts suggest it might have been a rare technical glitch or unexpected air movement. They will check flight data and talk to the pilots to learn more.

This situation adds to Boeing's recent troubles, including other plane incidents. Boeing has promised to help with the investigation and fix any problems found. The LATAM Airlines incident highlights the importance of always wearing seatbelts on flights.

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