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Bride Fires Her Bridesmaid At The Last Minute — JetBlue And The Internet Comes To The Rescue

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 31, 2018 09:59 AM EDT

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Courtney Duffy asked JetBlue to refund her cross-country ticket after receiving an email from her bride-to-be pal saying that she had been axed from the wedding entourage. The bride even asked her to return her bridesmaid outfit.

(Photo: Melissa Wiese | Pixabay)

JetBlue came to the rescue of a bridesmaid who was axed by her bride-to-be friend just before the wedding party.

Courtney Duffy, an MBA Dartmouth Business School candidate was excited about her bridesmaid duties when she received a letter from her friend saying that she does not need to fly cross-country to attend the wedding because she was removed from the entourage.

Frustrated, Duffy tweeted about her experience and asked JetBlue to refund her the price of two cross- country tickets.

Wedding Dilemma

In her tweet, she told the top airline that she has booked her flights to attend the ceremony, but she was asked to relinquish her bridesmaid role. Duffy was even asked to mail back her bridesmaid outfit so another girl could wear it in her place.

She added that she is laughing and crying and must avoid the wedding at all costs. The airline thankfully responded with a voucher. It also waived her cancellation fees. Duffy, who has now put her twitter in private, tweeted that she was not expecting the response.

The supposed-to-be bridesmaid tweeted out the email from the bride-to-be, Alex, on July 27.

Letter From The Bride

The letter started on a positive note with the bride saying she was so glad that Courtney has already booked her flights and she knows how hard she is working to be present at the grand wedding. However, it took a quick turn when Alex began to say that although it is one of the hardest things she has ever had to ask anyone, she needed to ask Duffy to give up her duties as a bridesmaid.

Alex added that she can still come to the wedding, have a great time, and travel in the time she needs without worrying about anything else. According to Alex, when she asked Duffy to be a bridesmaid, she was hoping that she could be part of the bachelorette trip, at least the weekend preparation, and the full night of event. Yet, a flight on Sunday night means she would not even be there the whole wedding.

Alex also asked Duffy's apology for letting her down. Furthermore, she stated that she values their friendship so much and she fully understands of she needs to prioritize her studies.

Shockingly, Alex even said that although it is utterly awkward, she needed Duffy to mail back her bridesmaid jumpsuit to her because she might have someone step into the role to assume Duffy's duties.

JetBlue Airways tweeted that it will sponsor a girl's weekend to patch up their friendship.

(Photo : JetBlue | Twitter)

On the other hand, other users from Twitter suggested on what she could do with the bridesmaid outfit.

(Photo : Molly Priddy | Twitter)

(Photo : Andi Zeisler | Twitter)

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