The famous team behind Ace Hotels which has been pioneering boutique hotels since 1990s has set its sight on New Orleans.

The unique guest house would be called Maison de la Luz and was designed with Studio Shamshiri, whose founders have worked with the hotel developers in the past. The luxury hotel is scheduled to open next spring.

Distinctive Luxury Hotel

The Atelier Ace team announced on its website that it will have a stunning library bar, a bespoke concierge service, and 67 amazing suites.

Although the brand has only divulged limited specifics about the new project, it issued a statement to Skift, where it noted that although it was a one-off at the moment, it is a concept which could potentially be in other destinations.

According to the statement, Maison de la Luz is only the first one in the new one-of-a-kind luxury concept by Atelier Ace, the same creative brand behind Ace Hotel. The team hopes that there would be opportunities to open the same concept in other cities. However, the vibrant spirit of New Orleans has made it as the most suitable city to lay its foundation.

Chief Brand Officer for Atelier Ace Kelly Sawdon also added that the company's love for New Orleans was the main thing that inspired them to think about various ways to bring its beauty to life.

Maison de la Luz is considered as a relaxed and distinctive entry point to the area. This will give its guests the freedom to explore the city's unique vivaciousness, or to seek harbor in a magnificent private space.

Other Brand Ventures

This is not the first Ace Hotels property in New Orleans. However, Maison de la Luz will be targeted to a more high-end audience than the Ace Hotels brand.

Although the brand was never meant to be a luxury product when it opened in 1999, the first of its hotel situated in Seattle was described as a hostel-like boutique hotel. Some rooms did not even have bathrooms.

Its transition into luxury manifests the innovative spirit of the brand and how it realized the significance of evolution to meet the consumer's demands.

Furthermore, the brand is opening a new hotel in New York called the Sister City, which has 200 rooms. The said hotel will be marketed not as a luxury product, but as its dabble on essentialism. Sister City is Ace's own take of the micro-hotel concept.