Traveling to a new city can be a memorable experience. Seeing new sights and attractions, meeting new people, and having an amazing escapade away from the usual hubbubs of life is a marvel indeed.

But there are cities in this world, despite being picturesque and inviting, that are known for being a lure for ghost hunters and supernatural believers because of their stigma of being haunted. If you're not a fan of supernatural beliefs or just a plain scaredy-cat, then make sure to avoid these most haunted cities in the world that are sure to give you the chills when you hear their backstories. Here are some of them:

Athens, Ohio. Ohio is a friendly state, but one of their cities, Athens, is the home of one of the scariest lunatic asylums ever built in the States, with over 200 cemeteries in the property alone, as well as a creepy-looking headstone that was apparently used by witches in their rituals back in the 1800's, according to List Verse. It was also said that Athens was built on top of a Native American burial ground and that their cemeteries form a pentagram. If those don't make Athens a haunted city, then nothing else will.

Prague, Czech Republic. Art aficionados and history buffs are all drawn by Prague's sinister and cold beauty, and according to The Guardian, it's the most haunted city in Europe. Legend states that during nighttime, a headless Templar Knight is fond of wandering the dark corners of Prague's cobbled streets, and if you see him, you have to grab his sword and stab him in the heart. The Houska Castle is another infamous monument the locals tend to avoid because of its demon-infested past, so if you want to take a vacation in Prague, think again.

New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans can't not be on this list because it houses the most haunted cemetery in the world. Until today, the city still retains its creepy, historical feel, compared to other cities in the States. Locals swear that Voodoo queen Marie Laveau still haunts St. Louis cemetery, and if you got what it takes, take a trip to the haunted mansion owned by Madame Delphine LaLaurie. When her house burned down, the locals discovered a torture chamber in the attic where countless grisly murders were performed on the slaves by Madame LaLaurie herself. The ghosts of the dismembered slaves are known to still lurk the crevices of the house.