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Woman Who Falls Off Cliff While In Her Car Survives: Here’s Her Cautionary Tale

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 17, 2018 11:48 PM EDT

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Car Accident
A woman shared her tale of how she survived after crashing her jeep on a Big Sur cliff. Angela Hernandez was stranded on a remote beach for a week before a couple found her.
(Photo: Angela Hernandez | Facebook)

A woman from Oregon who survived after she accidentally drove on a 250-foot cliff in California detailed how she survived.

Angela Hernandez, 23, was just passing through Big Sur on July 6. Shocked when a small animal dashed in front of her car, she swerved. Because the area has no shoulder, her vehicle went straight to the side of the cliff.

Hernandez shared what happened to her on Facebook. She said that she blacked out after the accident and when she woke up, her car was filling with water.

What Happened To Hernandez

She stated that she could feel the water rising over her knees. When she touched her head, there was blood. Although she was bloodied, she managed to swim to the shore and was unconscious for an unknown amount of time.

She managed to walk despite her injury where she treaded the remote beach, covered by fog, and was invisible to the drivers who were passing on the road hundreds of feet above her. Hernandez even managed to climb the rocks and screamed for help.

On the third day, Hernandez started to feel dehydrated. Thankfully, she found a 10-inch radiator hose which she used to get water from a natural spring nearby, said California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Jessica Madueno.

After a week of seeking help, Chad and Chelsea Moore heard her while they were hiking along the beach looking for fishing spots. Chad stayed with Hernandez while Chelsea ran to get some help. The rescue team had to hoist Hernandez up through ropes before she was airlifted to the hospital.

Doctors found out that she suffered from fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, broken collar bones, a brain hemorrhage, and ruptured blood vessels.

Tips To Stay Safe While Driving On Cliffs

Driving through a curvy mountain can be challenging for many people. Steering around the curved roads can be tricky and could make the driver lose control of the car. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while on the road.

Slow Down

Many accidents happen on curvy roads because of fast speed. When approaching a curve, make sure to reduce the vehicle's speed. Also be on the lookout for road warning signs of approaching curves in order to have enough time to slow down before driving through the curve. Make sure to follow the speed limit.

Do Not Overdo The Turn

Many accidents that happen on curvy roads that can be avoided by turning as little as possible. Driving through this kind of road requires the driver to turn less. When approaching the curve, make sure to move to the side of the lane that is opposite of the curve's direction. This tip will surely reduce the risk of skidding.

Avoid Vehicle From Skidding

Drivers need to know that when a car skids, it is not because of the accelerator. It is moving on its own. Therefore, the brakes, accelerator, and even the steering wheel will not work normally when this happens.

There are also instances when the car understeers. This type of skid usually happens when the car turns abruptly and sharply and begins to slip on the sidewalls of the tires.

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