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There’s Only 1 Blockbuster Store Left In The Entire Country

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jul 18, 2018 11:58 PM EDT

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There’s something nostalgic about renting DVDs and VHS tapes. However, a new generation is growing up without it. Two of the last Blockbuster branches are closing down in Alaska which leaves Bend, Oregon the last one in the country.

(Photo: Blockbuster Alaska | Facebook)

There's nothing quite like the vibe of a Blockbuster that reminds people of many childhood memories. However, this time marks the end of an era.

The last two Blockbusters in Alaska has just called it quits. The decision to close the store leaves just one of its establishment open in the rest of America.

According to its Facebook post, the stores located in College and Debarr will close its doors starting on July 16. It will reopen its inventory sale on July 17,  and will run throughout July and August.  

Effort To Revive The Store

The closure of the two shops came just after the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver sent over a jockstrap in the Anchorage store that was worn in the 2005 movie Cinderella Man by Russell Crowe. It was displayed in an effort to encourage more customers to go to the store.

Oliver bought the jockstrap in Crowe's divorce auction. The money was donated to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which named a koala disease treatment facility as The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward.

Daymunde said the movie prop did its job to increase the people visiting the store. Although it brought the store back for a short time, it was not enough to counter a planned lease increase.

Last Blockbuster Store In America

The two closures will leave only one store open located in Bend, Oregon. Recently, reports about one of the last signs of Blockbuster in Delaware Valley, South Philadelphia was shown to the media.

Alaska held one of the largest clusters of the store before it closed down. Some people credited its persistence to the long, frigid, winters, or the expensive internet prices. Because of this, some residents looked for other options to watch movies.

However, many people still say that it was because some residents still think there is something nostalgic about renting a DVD.

Blockbuster Alaska announced their closure on Facebook. The store added that it has thought of the customers as family over the past 28 years. Blockbuster thanked its patrons who have stuck with them throughout the years.

Additionally, it encouraged people to drop by during the closing, even just to say hello, or build their media library and share some memories in the store.

With only Bend Blockbuster as the last frontier, its general manager Sandi Harding said that it might end up being a little messy for a couple of weeks. However, she added a good news that will surely excite movie lovers. Harding assured that it has no plans of closing anytime soon.

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