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Canada Finally Becomes Latest Nation To Legalize Marijuana

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jun 25, 2018 07:01 PM EDT

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just announced the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada starting Oct. 17.

The Senate passed the bill that would permit people in Canada to purchase and use the drug legally with a vote of 52-29.

Initially aimed for July 1, Canada Day, the date has been pushed back due to procedural delays and issues. Canada's cities and provinces are working out issues on the regulation of the drug while waiting for Oct. 17.

The parliament's vote to legalize recreational marijuana use will enable a wide range of pot-infused products to be offered to the market including marijuana drinks and food, and even marijuana treatments. Canada will also be gearing up for the expected "pot tourism" brought upon by the legalization.

Adam Greenblatt, manager of one of Canada's largest legal cannabis companies, Canopy Growth, expects that in five years, people will be consuming cannabis drinks as if drinking wine at cocktail parties.

Concordia University Business graduate Matteo Rossant said that because of the parliament's move, he can see a broad future in which he can legally sell lollipops, maple syrup, and jelly treats that are cannabis-infused.

Marijuana Stores

Canada's 13 provinces are planning to take on different varieties of approach to handle the cannabis distribution.

According to reports, British Columbia is eyeing a mix of private and publicly owned marijuana stores, while people in Newfoundland and Labrador can only get cannabis in Loblaws grocery stores. In remote areas such as the Northwest Territories where stand-alone cannabis stores might not be successful, it could be available in liquor stores.

Alberta proposes 200 stores that will be run by private retailers throughout the province, while Ontario plans 40 stores run by the state. This plan is immensely different from United States' model in Washington where the city only runs one pot shop.

Similar to the United States, provinces in Canada will also differ on home-growing regulations. Many territories allow up to four plants of marijuana, while some cities such as Quebec, prohibits it.

United States and Canada also differs in the minimum age to use the drug. While the former permits only people at the age of 21 and up, Canada's minimum age will be 18, although many provinces are planning to add an additional year.

According to Herb founder and chief executive Matt Gray, the different approaches undertaken by the provinces will help determine the best way to legalize the drug.

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