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2017 Bizarre Spa Treatments: Marijuana Bath; Facial Workouts For Tech Geeks; Vibration; Sound Healing & More

Travelers Today       By    Jacq Evans

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 02:57 AM EST

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There is a host of traditional facials and massages all over the world. There are however a lot of bizarre spa treatments that travelers and wellness alike can relish.

A wave of fresh spa treatments has been presented to tackle the destructive impact of over stimulation caused by contemporary living such as facial workouts for tech addicts and therapies combating sleeplessness.

Sleep Therapy in the Maldives and Germany

Sleep Therapy is a two and a half hour ritual designed to calm travelers and enthusiasts into a deeply meditative state and to expel any stress. Guests can relish a massage to ease their spine, a facial, an al fresco soak in a bath tub of Himalayan salt crystals, sandalwood, jasmine and rose before retiring to a swing bed for a night of blissful sleep. In Germany, taking a scientific approach to sleep, Swissotel has launched a DeepSleep package created by somnologist Dr. Michael Feld to attain bio-physiologic renewal. Spa guests have presented a package that pools light therapy, power-napping, aroma therapy, special nutritional supplements and a sound pillow to let them drift off to sleep tranquility during their stay.

Facial Workouts for Tech Fans in London

FaceGym in London suggests a non-invasive facial workout, intended to rouse blood circulation and collagen production, to tighten the face. According to Victoria Buchanan, the strategic researcher at The Future Laboratory, it is for people who are constantly texting, the package promises to aim forehead crinkles, weary eyes, jaw tension and tight neck muscles.

Marijuana Bath Soaks And Massages in Denver

These massages secure that muscles are relaxed and pain relieved using marijuana lotion with active THC and CBD and peppermint, these chemicals, however, do not get into the bloodstream. Furthermore, there is medical cannabis bath soaks like the Whoopi Goldberg's brand, Whoopi & Maya, meant to stimulate relaxation and respite from menstrual pain.

Sound Baths in Mexico

Yaan Wellness spa in Tulum, Mexico, provides healing massages using some sacred shamanic instruments such as gongs, crystals, Tibetan bowls, Mayan shells, and didgeridoos. This is to engage spa-goers in sound and thaw away their stresses.

Vibrational Healing in Newcastle

The method is done by drumming the body's energy lines with a Tamarind wooden hammer. The vibrations dismiss aches and pains, mend circulation, eliminate energy obstructions and comfort tension in the body, reported Daily Mail.

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