It turns out that a night accommodation in Benidorm, Spain is more expensive than a night in Rome on an average scale. Based on the data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), cheap hotels could be found in European cities of Kiev, Rome, Majorca, and Sydney.

In a post published by 123 Hotels, the average hotel price in a budget resort in Benidorm could be more expensive than the hotels in known-to-be-expensive destinations like Rome, Majorca, and Sydney. A three-star "cheap hotel" stay in Benidorm is £65 more expensive than a similar hotel in Sydney, £56 more expensive than one in Majorca and £73 more expensive than a three-star hotel in Rome.

Moreover, in an article published by Telegraph, Benidorm, once described as a "cheap as chips" destination leads the list of having pricey hotels. The hotels in the city charge a large sum of £356 for a night in a four-star hotel on an average. Compared to a night in a Kiev hostel, it costs less than five pounds or less than a month's subscription to Netflix.

Even a two-star hostel in Kiev is cheaper than an average hotel in Benidorm. A two-star hotel in Kiev costs less than a night in a hostel in St. Moritz, which is an exclusive Alpine resort.

Besides their research on Benidorm, the research study concluded that Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is the cheapest city for hotel prices. Kuala Lumpur is followed by Sofia, Bulgaria; Tirana, Albania; and Skopje, Macedonia. For its low charge of £211 for a five-star hotel stay, Antalya in Turkey still remains a popular destination for people looing for a place during a beach holiday. The study also shows that Tokyo, Japan is also one of the cheapest destinations for hotel accommodation.

Besides Benidorm, the study shows that the destinations with the most expensive hotel accommodations are Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, Reykjavik, San Francisco and New York. Analysts said that seeing these five cities on the list is a no surprise.