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American Airlines Crying Woman Now Working With Lawyer Representing United Airlines Passenger

Travelers Today       By    Chiqui Guyjoco

Updated: Apr 25, 2017 06:43 AM EDT

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It's too early to confirm whether the American Airlines should also expect a lawsuit. What's certain is that the crying woman in the American Airlines incident has already contacted the same lawyer representing the dragged United Airlines passenger.

Attorney Thomas Demetrio appeared in an exclusive interview Monday morning on TODAY Show where he revealed that he's also now working with the crying woman in the American Airlines incident. Demetrio reduced the airline fiasco as a "microcosm of the entire problem" replete with a "flight attendant out of control" and a "distressed mother." A passenger filmed Friday the American Airlines incident and uploaded it in discussion site Reddit.

The video that spans almost three minutes long captured only the aftermath with the woman already crying from the get-go. An altercation quickly happened between the flight attendant who "violently yanked" the stroller from the crying woman and the fellow passenger who stood up for her. Surain Adyanthaya, who snapped the video, said the American Airlines incident happened aboard flight 591 before departing from San Francisco to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Witnesses said that the flight attendant violently took the stroller away from the crying woman. He was "clearly like enraged and nearly hits the baby in the head," passenger Olivia Morgan, a shocked eyewitness passenger of the American Airlines incident, told NBC News. This also enraged Dallas-based Tony Fierro, who stood up for the crying woman.

Fierro told WFAA-TV "a baby almost got hurt" and that got him "fired up." Unlike the United Airlines incident, the American Airlines released an apology 20 minutes after flight 591 landed. They said the crying woman and her babies were accommodated to another flight and upgraded to first class while the flight attendant was "removed from duty" as they investigate the incident. They also explained that the woman brought a double-wide stroller for her twins and forgot to get the stroller checked at the ticket counter.

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