The month of April does not only mark spring break. It is also the time of the year when the United States of America celebrates the National Park Week. To give you a quick guide on this celebration, here are some of the national parks in the US that you can visit for free.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Located in the southeastern part of Alaska, the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve stores some of the world's most incredible sceneries, snow-capped mountains and forests. This national park is also considered as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Aside from the thick glaciers coming from the mountains, the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is also a perfect place to those who love to discover an amazing terrestrial and marine life.

Lassen Volcanic National Park. This national park in Mineral, California, is abundant with resources and activities that enable the visitors to enjoy the positive effects of several eruptions of the volcanoes housed within its premises. Whether it is summertime or winter, the Lassen Volcanic National Park has a lot of adventures and outdoor activities stored for guests. You can also bring your kids and let them join a Volcano Club where they will be able to learn everything about the Lassen Volcanic, Ecophiles says.

Virgin Islands National Park. If you want to be stunned by beautiful beaches, hills and valleys, the Virgin Islands National Park is the perfect match for you. This paradise covers approximately 60 percent of Saint John's island in the US Virgin Islands. According to the National Park Service, a trip to the Virgin Islands National Park will take you back to the history of the island where both slaves and freemen lived. This culturally and historically rich place has many activities for guests of all ages. You can take a short hike, go snorkeling, or discover its wildlife and marine life.

Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone National Park is the world's very first national park. It covers Wyoming as well as other parts of Idaho and Montana. Here you can find the breathtaking view of the Upper Geyser Basin and the Lamar Valley where you can actually witness an amazing wildlife with bison, elks, antelopes, bears and wolves. But the most popular catch in the Yellowstone National Park is the eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser. It was the first geyser in the Yellowstone National Park to receive a name and is also known for its eruption which happens every 44 to 125 minutes.

Yosemite National Park. Situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, Yosemite National Park is popularly known for its ancient and huge sequoia trees and waterfalls, more particularly the Yosemite Fall. You can take the Mist Trail or the Tioga Road for a totally rewarding experience once you have reached the summit. Guests are also allowed to hiking in the High Sierra Camps for a day or even more.