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Five Most Romantic Places To Visit In Scotland

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Apr 06, 2017 06:58 AM EDT

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The majestic beauty, amazing sceneries and rich history are the key factors why this country is tagged as one of the most romantic and classic destinations all over the world. From the peaceful valleys to the tranquil Scottish Highlands, there is no reason why the romantic vibe of this place will not make you fall in love with your significant other over and again. Therefore, here are five of the most romantic and beautiful places in Scotland where you can spend a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Roulotte Retreat, Melrose, Scottish Borders. The Roulotte Retreat is a friendly campsite in the Scottish Borders, which has seven traditional gypsy caravans that have been uniquely designed with sustainable oak, Buzzfeed says. Each roulotte will give couples a relaxing and tranquil vibe that is far from the usual luxury and comfort of the metro. Guests can dine and unwind outside as tables, chairs and barbeque are set in front of the caravans. Do not worry about safety because this chic and romantic outdoor space is definitely secured.

Galloway Forest Park, Dumfries and Galloway. Who does not love to spend time watching the night sky with their loved one? The Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park is a 300-square-mile tourist spot in Scotland where guests can have an amazing view of the wild Scottish beauty and a stellar night sky. The park was also known to be the very first Dark Sky Park in all of Europe.

Portee, Isle of Skye. Portree is the largest and capital town on the Isle of Skye, which is also known in Gaelic as the "Isle of Mist", Daily Record says. With tons of magnificent view of the Highlands of Scotland that are perfect for couples (and even for singles), the village of Portree is considered to be the most popular spot in the Isle of Skye. Portree stores many comfortable and romantic self-catering cottages for couples.

Mountain Gondola, Nevis Range. Mountain Gondola is distinct for its 2,150 feet cable car trip, or the Nevis Range mountain gondola system, the first and only of its kind in all of Britain. The Gondola is open any time of the year, but the amazing Scottish view that you may get will depend upon the changes in season. This breath-taking mountain experience and exquisite scenery will make you fall in love over and again.

The Northern Lights, Caithness. Of course, the Northern Lights is unarguably on the list of the most romantic spots in Scotland. Caithness is one of the lucky places to witness the glory of these dancing lights, which makes it famous among tourists all over the world. And as always, the best way to enjoy this magnificence is in the comfort of the arms of your loved one.

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