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Five Best Restaurants In South America

Travelers Today       By    Czarina Ara Lasco

Updated: Apr 15, 2017 05:09 AM EDT

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Throughout the decades, South America has been putting its name on the roster of the top food destinations in the world. Some of the South American countries that have been known for their amazing gastronomic delights include Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and Brazil. We listed five of the best restaurants that stand out among all the other food spots in all of South America.

Pizzería Güerrín. This pizza parlor was established in 1932 in Buenos Aires. Pizzería Güerrín is popular among locals because of its reasonably affordable Italian food and slices of authentic Italian pizza topped with a generous amount of mozzarella and other classic Italian ingredients. According to the Lonely Planet, the delicious pizza slices in Pizzería Güerrín are best served with a glass of soda or Moscato. Aside from pizzas, Pizzería Güerrín's menu also offers a selection of sweets and local empanadas for you to enjoy.

Epice (São Paulo). Epice in São Paulo, Brazil is not just your typical fine-dining restaurant. Owned by Alberto Landgraf, this restaurant has emerged to be one of the classic yet modernized restaurants in the district that serve Brazilian classic dishes which are fused with a touch of culinary modernism, The Daily Meal says. Epice's minimalist yet superb menu include cured pork belly with dried cassava, scallops, parmesan gelatin, grilled octopus and the luscious foie gras.

Aramburu in Buenos Aires. Each meal course in Aramburu is applied by its owner, Chef Gonzalo Aramburu, with molecular techniques which give an astounding aroma, taste and texture to every Argentinian meal served. The presentation of each meal is plated as if it is the best food experience you will ever have in your life. Among the most popular dishes served in Aramburu is the suckling pig with mandarin sorbet and squash purée as well as the sumptuous filet mignon with celeriac and Andean tubers. Also, what makes the dining experience in Aramburu unique is that the restaurant is limited to 16 guests who can witness first-hand the techniques and strategies used by the chef with their dishes.

Astrid & Gastón (Lima). Astrid and Gastón in Lima was established in 1994. This restaurant was founded by Astrid Gutsche and Gastón Acurio in Miraflores. The restaurant served French classics in the beginning. However, as time went by, the menu of Astrid and Gastón has become purely Peruvian. The restaurant offers a 28-course tasting menu that features the Peruvian classics that are highlighted with an ambiance of a magnificent mansion and welcoming servers. Astrid and Gastón also offers more than 250 varieties of wine that are imported from different parts of the world for a perfect tasting experience.

El Refuerzo Bar Almacen (San Telmo). Whether you are in the mood for cheeses, cured red and white meats, hand-stretched pasta and traditional casserole dishes, this almacen-styled restaurant in San Telmo is perfect for you. This restaurant has also been popular in the district because of its salmon salad and a number of desserts, which are made of lime and cheese. Every meal in the menu also has a corresponding recommended type of wine to sum up your ultimate dining experience. Just remember not to bring cards because El Refuerzo Bar Almacen only accepts cash for payments.

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