Planning for the perfect trip can be overwhelming, which makes knowing just the right online tools a must for every traveler. Knowing where to look online and the apps to download can ease the burden and even score you some discounts or extra points as you travel.

The first thing a traveler considers about planning the perfect trip is the budget. Since not all travelers can afford to fly first class or book a five-star hotel, they would rather allocate the bulk of their budget on food and activities. This makes it the best time to look up as the online tool offers an alternative airline and hotel package while rewarding travelers with gift cards in return.

You don't even have to worry about your flier miles points because you can still earn them as usual. To earn double your points, you can download the MileagePlusX app and use it for online purchases. This online tool is part of the United's Mileage Program, which allows consumers to do online shopping even outside its own portal.

Another online tool that can save travelers precious time is an award booking service. What makes AwardEx stand out from the rest of the award search engines is its reliability and affordability, according to AFAR. New members can even avail of free credits through the succeeding 15 cents price tag for the first three months doesn't sound so bad, either.

Travel apps that can be downloaded for free come in handy for traveling penny pinchers. According to Forbes, Google Trips is considered as one of the best travel apps this year and acts like a trip organizer, which automatically forwards to your Gmail account your reservations. Tinder, Boomerang for Instagram and Guides by Lonely Planet also made it to the list as among the trendy online tools in the 21st century for hooking up with fellow travelers, posting travel selfies or for digging in quick travel tips.