May 28, 2024 10:39 PM


Online Tools Every Traveler Should Know

Knowing the right online tools can be very handy when it comes to scoring discounts, earning points and saving yourself from all the trip planning hassles.


Five Travel Apps Any Tech-Savvy Traveler Should Have In 2017

Travel apps are a dime a dozen or just free to use. Finding the best apps for travel is never easy, but these five truly offer a different and better travel experience for tech-savvy travelers.


AirDates: In-flight Tinder For Air Travelers; Details, Availablity Updates And More!

AirDates is the newest in-flight app that lets you connect and chat with people on the same flight and share your itinerary for a more fun traveling experience.


Tinder Releases Paid-Feature Called 'Passport'; Start Singing Your 'Love Story' Ala Taylor Swift

Nowadays, you do not need to look for genie in a bottle in Middle East or a fairy god mother somewhere in France’s palaces to grant your wish. Your prince charming or your dream girl can be found in gadgets too.


Top 5: Tinder for Travel and Other Apps On-The-Go

One of the best ways to meet new people while on the road is to use a dating app like Tinder. It is also actually an effective tool, really.


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