The smartphone could be characterized as a digital Swiss knife with its many functions and capabilities. As a small, handheld computer, the applications it carries could immediately process things that before took hours to establish. For travelers, these five applications top the best of the best when it comes to making travel efficiency and functionality a great experience.

People are discovering the efficiency and capabilities of Google Trips, the lesser-known Google version of travel services. Google Trips is capable of organizing all your travel information seamlessly, especially if you are using Google Calendar. Immediately, after booking your flight and hotel stay, it would create a schedule for your reservations and itinerary laid out neatly in the calendar. Nice!

According to, one should never forget to install Airbnb when planning a trip. The app has dominated the industry of property sharing. It will greatly continue to do so with a new feature allowing hosts and locals to create experiences for travelers including hiking tours or a "cultural" tour with a local experience in the area community, which possibly makes each experience a truly gratifying and unique one.

Tinder is a dating app that has a negative connotation with mainstream users. However, matching up with someone who has similar interests could make a traveler's seemingly lonely evening of dinner somewhat brighter, especially in a new city. The service is also free—unless one is desperate to look for a date in the area, to which they pay a fee for "super likes."

According to Travel Starts at 60, the Diaro app is useful for journalistic reasons. Travelers who wish to keep written memories of their travels could use this app, which marks the calendar date immediately. It is similar to an offline blog where travelers could design your journal and even add photographs, and the product from the app is effectively printable as a PDF file.

The online pigeon-box and shared cloud drive Dropbox is still an amazing app for travelers because it has an option to upload photographs automatically when the device connects to Wi-Fi. This is a nifty feature, especially if travelers are not too keen on uploading their photos to a computer immediately each day.