Any traveler can admit it that the goal for looking for new travel apps is basically for convenience. This includes sorting and finding deals as quick as possible and to ensure efficacy with guaranteed seating for air flights, stays in hotel accommodations or shared properties, and the quality of stay. Most would look to Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Kayak, but Google Trips - a softly released feature in Gmail and almost all Google apps, already has everything travelers need.

According to Guiding Tech, the app's convenience is its accessibility. The travelers' reservation details could be accessed from one's smartphone through an application or accessing the website itself. Anyone familiar using Google Drive or similar Google browser-based data processing applications only need to use the plus (+) icon on the lower right corner of the screen, which would have them add a note, hotel or flight.

TripAdvisor or Kayak would show travelers suggested ideas for itineraries. Google Trips does this as well, and more. If users are not too keen on their itinerary activities, Google Trips would suggest trips tailored to one's preferences of activeness and relaxation through the "Auto Day Plan" feature. One could imagine rolling a dice and seeing where the randomized list takes them. Unfortunately, the feature only has 200 cities supported for the moment

While Google Trips could not compete with "HelloGbye" for its keen use of artificial intelligence coupled with "Big Data" for faster speech prediction, Google Trips makes up for putting things in one place. Any traveler who had reserved their flights or accommodations early need only to put in the flight number or hotel names and confirm their reservation numbers to include in their itinerary effectively.

Google Trips defeats the competition quickly because almost every Android user uses a Gmail account. According to Android Police, Google Trips could include bus and train reservations from Gmail; the app extracts the details from Gmail immediately, saving travelers much time having to re-input their itineraries to the Google Trips app.

Google Trips is more than just flights and hotels. It also suggests activities in nearby places to add to the travelers' itineraries and even tips for getting around through public transportation and estimated costs for private vehicular travel. In fact, it even goes to tips with foreign exchange, nearby hospitals and clinics, gas stations and more.