"HelloGbye" is recently launched in the Apple App Store following a beta-testing in November 2016. Its merger with credit card company American Express and its "big data" systems could help app service subscribers use the app's voice command features, find better deals, plan their itineraries and even find inspiration for their vacation plans in the next few months or years, and set it apart from the competition.

HelloGbye's partnership with American Express and its "Big Data Analytics" allows the app's advanced artificial intelligence system to integrate with better information. It is better to recognize the consumers' voice when using the voice command feature of the app, look up better suggestions based on consumers' travel preferences and create itineraries in a quicker and faster manner.

"Big data" analytics is focused on understanding the behavior and preferences of consumers to bring about a "unique" experience when using a particular service. It also collects information ranging from product or service perception and introducing products that might interest the consumer upon entering the store -- or in this case using the HelloGbye application.

According to Travel Weekly, HelloGbye's artificial intelligence converses with travelers - in a manner similar to Apple's famous Siri - and through these conversations, develop an itinerary and travel plan while suggesting other products that could interest users. A partnership with American Express, coupled with its big data analytics, will help AI conversations with HelloGbye's app faster and relevant. This sets itself apart from the competition.

The convenience of using a virtual digital assistant in creating itineraries, allowing one to skip drop down menus and numerous tapping to create itineraries, is the newest trend in most applications nowadays. This speeds up the creation process and has a higher rate of efficacy especially when it comes to bookings.

According to HelloGbye's website, the app is free in general but subscribers can get rebates and lower rates on preferred hotels. Also, the $19 subscription guarantees one free month of usage upon activation.