The Los Angeles food scene has always been diverse and full of top-notch restaurants designed to soothe and delight your taste buds. Premium steakhouses, barbecue joints, and food hubs featuring international cuisines are never short in this hip city of California.

LA is also full of quality vegetarian restaurants for those who want their protein boosts to be made out of leafy greens and nutritional veggies. Looking for the best vegetarian places to dine out? Here are some of the best veggie-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles:

Hugo's Restaurant, West Hollywood, L.A. Even a vegetable hater might change his mind once he sets foot in Hugo's. This gourmet vegetarian restaurant can turn almost any dish into plant-based plates of goodness oozing with Kapha spices, an Ayurvedic healing mix for spring, and other amazing flavors. The veggie smoothies are also a hit too.

Shojin, 333 S Alameda Street, L.A. One of the best things in life is sushi, so how about those against eating raw fish and other types of meat? Thank goodness there's Shojin, a Japanese restaurant specializing in healthy and delicious vegan cuisine. Instead of tuna, spicy tofu stars in their sushi, which is amazingly good.

Elf Café, Echo Park, L.A. Looking for a romantic, vegan-friendly place in L.A. to have a date? Look no further. The dining area itself is cozy and relaxing, and the menu boasts of impressive Middle-Eastern to Mediterranean dishes that are sure to win your trust and your bank account. Indulge in a glass or two of wine from their carefully assembled wine list to make your night more memorable.

Crossroads Kitchen, 8284 Melrose Avenue, L.A. Vegetarian fine-dining has never been more posh and top-notch until Chef Tal Ronnen and his team in Crossroads Kitchen has been making plates of vegan extraordinaire since 2013. Any non-believers will be turned by the promise of goodness from the restaurant's every plate, and even though it's quite pricey than other vegan restaurants, it's all so worth it.

Paru's Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, East Hollywood, L.A. Indian food is exciting, and they sure know how to whip up vegan goodness in every plate. Indulge in flavors that will make your mouth burn from the spices yet yearn for more-it doesn't matter if you crave second helpings, vegan food is healthy anyway. Make sure to try their set meal options for a full treat.