Multiple numbers of foreign musicians scheduled to play in the SXSW Music Festival were driven away or detained by US border officials for various reasons unexplained by authorities for doing so. Performers who would perform free in the festival were also sent back to their home countries for not having "work visas," which the musicians said they did not need as they had a valid visa waiver.

According to Spin, Soviet Soviet from Italy was to play in SXSW by today but US Border officials blocked their entry. The Italian band said they were treated like criminals as "around 10:30PM, two prison officers frisked us" and they were handcuffed and detained in a police car. The band said they went through all procedures and were sent to fly back to Italy.

US Border officials also denied Egypt and Canada-based band Massive Scar Era entry to the United States who were set to perform in SXSW, Denver, Provo, Utah, and Seattle. In a Facebook video on Monday, the band said the Egypt-based members of the band were barred entry to the country. Officials said the members needed P-2 visas; the band members were carrying a B-1 visa for tourists. The band argued it had a "showcase exception" similar to Soviet Soviet's ETSA performance waiver -- both of which failed to persuade border officials.

NPR reports more details into Massive Scar Era's visa issue interviewing band guitarist and vocalist Cherine Amr, who said the band had, in its previous years, successfully had its members enter the United States and performed in other areas of the country. 

SXSW was criticized for using controversial language in its contract that pertains to reserving the organizing body's right to remove performers and contact immigrations authorities should foreign artists "act in ways that adversely impacts the viability of the artist's official SXSW showcase." The festival vowed to remove the clause in its most recent statement.