Travel comes with consumption, history and culture. Dance is a part of any culture -- may it be traditional folk dances or modern contemporary styles. All over the world are amazing places where one could learn variations of different dance styles.

Tango originated from Spain, particularly Argentina. According to List 25, it is one of the "most difficult to master" dances that exist in the world. Contemporary dance and masters of the traditional tango surround Buenos Aires' nightlife. It is quite complicated -- and a whole lot of fun to do, especially if one has an extremely attractive partner willing to teach them.

Need some inspiration to try aerial dance? This August 2017, the European Aerial Dance Festival will once again host its celebration of amazing acrobatic and breathtaking aerial dance on August. While no dates have been mentioned yet, securing your spot to witness death-defying aerial dances and stunts in England is imperative to know more about aerial dancing.

Breakdancing has been part of the United States' contemporary dance arsenal and would remain so likely for the entire time hip-hop would dominate the country's music. Breakdance came forward in the 80s and several dance institutes specialize in the urban dance form. While challenging and physically taxing, breakdancing is great to learn in New York -- its original home.

Capoeira became extremely famous for using dance as a fighting skill, making dancers feel they are doing something more special than just following grooves and metronomes. According to Australia, Capoeira is best learned in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil as plenty of workshops run by inheritors of the ancient Afro-Brazilian dance are more than willing to teach anyone about the history and culture of the Afro-Brazilians and their amazing fighting dance.

Belly dancing seems simple to do but it has plenty of health benefits -- as with all dances. Yet, belly dancing is easy to learn but it has a serious tenet that those interested can learn by heading to Istanbul, Turkey where workshops and organizations employ professional and culturally-ground trainers to demonstrate the true art of the belly dance.