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The Best US Destinations For Music Lovers

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 21, 2017 05:12 AM EST

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Top Cities For Music
Music lovers need not to travel abroad for some amazing ear candy. In the United States -- the origin of plenty of modern contemporary music -- are five cities where music genres originated and industries continued to prosper.
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The United States was the birthplace of a great many popular music genres in the world today. Most of these came from artists in different cities reflecting the sentiments of the times -- and these five are the best cities for music lovers touring the country as either travelers or locals.

Nashville is the home of country music -- and the notable birthplace of Taylor Swift's career. Country music dominates Nashville although Travel and Leisure writes that Nashville has "tons of top musicians" that play "indie rock, gospel and acoustic hip-hop" all over the city. Indeed, events happen nightly with different local talents of great caliber featured.

Another one from the same list of great American cities for music lovers is Phoenix or Scottsdale in Arizona, which it writes as "involving a music scene out in the desert -- a referral to the "Burning Man" festival that features many independent acts from all over the United States and some from Europe and other countries.

Culture Trip writes that music lovers should never leave out California's Los Angeles off the list. The travel website indicates Los Angeles as "the home of A&M Records and Capitol Records" and has plenty of "music landmarks" for travelers. California boasts about its world-famous bands but it is the home of RnB, country and even classical -- as per Travel and Leisure.

Chicago is the home of American jazz when Afro-Americans played their amazing blend of groove and dance. However, blues soon dominated Chicago, making the city well-known as the "City of Blues" with its signature "Chicago" sound. In fact, for music lovers, the city has the Chicago Blues Festival that happens yearly.

According to Travel and Leisure, Austin, Texas was voted the best city for music lovers in 2016 because of the plentiful number of music festivals and music that seems to come out of nowhere. The report adds that aside from supermarkets and public performance venues, music comes into airport venues with the local management actually recognizing talent that comes and goes in their performance strages.

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