Want to have a more comprehensive museum experience? There's an app for that! 

Smartify provides art commentaries on your phone as it gets you to you to scan, identify and save art while also offering as a guide in any partner museum or gallery.

App co-founder, Thanos Kokkiniotis told reporters that Smartify is like "music discovery platform Shazam, which helps a person build their music collection by listening to tunes and recognizing the song's artist and title." The program will help significantly to museum goers who wanted more information than just a placard or audio guides.

Moreover, the app will notify users if there's a similar painting or artwork made by the painter in another museum. After its launch last year, the founders would want to partner with more institutions to broaden the knowledge of more art info. Currently, they have partnered with the Louvre in Paris, and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, while talking with would-be associations like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, USA and the Wallace Collection in London.

Both Smartify and the museums will have a win-win situation as the centers would get to know and access demographic information or the artworks they love and look up. Individuals who downloaded the app can also save and make their own personal collections.

Smartify was brought by the social enterprise of the same name with the goal of connecting people to art and support global visual arts organizations whether they be public or commercial. According to their statement on the website, they want to focus on "protecting artist and museum intellectual property" and any gains, be it financial or otherwise, would go back to the community they serve.

Smartify can be downloaded in both Android and Apple formats.