Filing for permanent residency in Japan is now a lot easier. The Japanese Ministry of Justice has put into effect a new set of rules that allows foreign workers to become permanent residents for only one year. Before, it would take ten years for foreigners to become a citizen of the country.

The new law is taking effect this month and states that applicants with higher salary and of multiple degrees will become permanent residents for only a year. The new policy wishes to integrate workers with adept skills in their jobs. According to Travel and Leisure, these sets of skills can be measured on the person's education, career achievements, licenses, salary, proficiency in the Japanese language, and other factors.

Moreover, your job should reflect on Japan's needed industry, especially in the field of research, sciences, humanities, or business management. The Business Insider has also reported that Japan offered more ways for workers to earn points to shorten their residency filing.

For example, a holder of a doctorate degree will have higher points than someone who has a master's degree. Research experience of the worker must reach at least three years to gain points, with seven years of being the highest.

Meanwhile, to know how much the worker supports him or herself, the annual salary must be taken into account. Bonus points will be awarded for those who have extensive research achievements like those being recognized by Japan's Minister of Justice, published at least three papers in academic journals listed in the academic journal database, conducted projects financed by a competitive fund, and have made at least one patented invention.

Also, having a national license of Japan that authorizes you to carry out the relevant job, license passed in an examination, or license listed in the appropriate IT notification will gather points. For business management workers, the position and organization must be taken into account as well.

For more information, one can view the point evaluation here.