There are plenty of reasons why pregnant women must take a break and travel before giving birth. However, the conditions are far more complicated--here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you're expecting and want to travel. 

1. Pregnant women are not refrained from traveling, as long as their doctor says so. However, in an article by the American Pregnancy, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the International Air Travel Association said that women who are experiencing complications with their pregnancy must avoid travelling especially from the 32nd week of pregnancy through birth. The reason behind this is to avoid the possibility of premature birth which is not good not only for the child, but for the mother as well.

2. Choosing the right destination for your travel is important. As a pregnant woman, you have to take into consideration the risks that you might encounter during your trip. Some pregnant women can handle long distance travels while others do not. According to Baby Centre, choosing destinations that are close to home is better than destinations that can only be reached through long-haul flights.

3. Never forget to bring with you a copy of all your pre-natal records, as well as the medicines prescribed by your doctor. This is especially important for pregnant women who still wan to travel on the later months of pregnancy--bringing all the necessary records of your pregnancy is highly recommended since you are basically at risk of giving birth anytime soon.

4. Be sure to pack the most comfortable shoes and clothes that you have. Travelling while pregnant can be pretty exhausting--wearing maternity dresses or comfort shoes will actually make a big difference especially when your trip will require a lot of footwork. There can also be unexpected circumstances when you will be needing to walk under the scorching heat of the sun so make sure that you have the necessary, comfiest clothes, shoes, and accessories with you.

5. Take some time to talk with your doctor about your planned travel. Through this, your doctor will be able to give the necessary advice and instructions so that you and your baby will still be safe while you are away from home. Your doctor can also determine whether or not you are fit to go on your trip.