Taking yourself in a vacation once in a while will actually improve your state of being. Scientifically speaking, travelling has tons of benefits that will help a person achieve a more sound mind and body.

Travel builds new relationships and strengthens the existing ones. A survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Organization reveals that a person who makes time for travel has the opportunity to create new relationships as he gets to know new people and share new experiences with them. Travelling is also better in establishing a stronger romantic relationship, since couples who travel together have the chance to spend time together for reconnection while improving their intimate and romantic relationship with their partner.

Travel helps a person boost his personal happiness. A person who travel tends to develop more excitement and happiness in life because of the anticipation of the fact that they are about to see new places and explore new experiences, a study conducted by the Cornell University says.

The study reveals that investing on trips and vacations rather on spending money on material things makes people happier and more contented with his life. The excitement that a person feels before the day of his travel tends to be more pleasing and satisfying compared to buying new jewelleries, gadgets or personal material things.

Travel relieves long-term stress. Aside from collecting new experiences and memories, meeting new people, and discovering other cultures, the primary contribution of traveling is for people to be free from all the stress and refresh their mind and body to their daily routines. A study conducted by the Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis reveals that travelling is necessary to help a person in managing the levels of stress that he encounters through several activities that he can only do and experience if he travels. For example, not everyone has the chance to often go swimming and indulge himself to the calmness of the sea. Hence, going on a beach once in a while will actually help a person reset his mind, so does his body, and eventually take all his stress away. Also, doing extreme adventures such as mountain climbing where one can shout his heart out helps a person relieve his stress and improve his well-being.

Travel improves one's personality and open-mindedness. A study by Franz Neyer and Julia Zimmerman says that travelling increases a person's capability to adapt to new places and new faces especially when he is travelling to a foreign country. A person who travels is more likely associated with an improved social relationships while considering and accepting people's choices and differences, all at the same time. Travelling also helps a person get out of his own comfort zone and adjust his personality and attitude depending on the type of atmosphere he is travelling into.

Travel enhances a person's creativity. The best way to improve one's creativity is through immersing himself in an environment that is far different from the usual setting that he is supposed to live into. Adam Galinsky of the Columbia Business School says that seeing and actually experiencing new culture and meeting new people will eventually lead a person to embrace what he sees and experiences into his own life. It will make a person think of ways on how he will be able to adapt what he had seen and transform it into a better one.

Whether you can take time to travel or not, the state of your mind actually depends on your own actions and decisions. Only you can make lead yourself to your better self towards a better life.