The life of this generation only runs not only because of the air that we breathe or the food that we eat. Connecting to WiFi spot is basically one of the most important things a person cannot live without. It is as if having a WiFi connection what makes the day of everyone else in the world.

Most people who are obsessed in being connected to a WiFi spot typically posts everything on the internet - from their OOTDs or Outfit of the Day, food photography commonly called as "food porn", quote of the day, and everything that comes to their minds, may it be important, senseless or simply just "Nah". Exaggeratedly, some people could actually lose their minds without being connected to the internet for even less than an hour, Bucket Orange says. But in this world where WiFi connection is definitely "worth dying for" for other people especially for travellers, there are many reasons why travelling without being connected to a WiFi hotspot is still awesome.

Travelling is practically a way of freeing yourself to the usual world you wake up into every passing day. It is one's way of exploring and discovering the beauty and wonders of places far different from where they spend their lives into. Hence, preventing yourself from connecting to the "usual" world of internet will definitely complete your search for difference and new atmosphere. You can have your thoughts cleared from any distraction caused by the digital world, Thought Catalog says.

Most people travel to spend time with their friends, family or even their significant other. It will be senseless to travel with someone if during your travel, you are literally together but your attentions are only focused on posting a tweet and photo in your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Travels do not happen everyday. So, you better have to make every second of it memorable to yourself and to your travel companion, as well.

Taking pictures through mobile phones are definitely unavoidable during travel. Especially to first time travellers, capturing every moment is important. Also, you cannot avoid using your mobile phones in case of emergency or any unpredictable situations that you might encounter. But connecting to a WiFi hotspot can always wait.

Photos and post-worthy ideas from the aftermath of your travel can still be posted even after you return from your trip. So whenever you feel like being too problematic with a WiFi connection for your trip, always keep in mind that a WiFi-free travel is still awesome!